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Living in (Proposed) Wildnerness


I live inside a national park now, having taken a seasonal job.  Photo labs are few and far between.  If you know of a place I could get my 35mm and 120 format film developed by mail, please contact me via the contact box on the right side of the page.

I am processing digital photos.  Unfortunately, I have very limited internet access and cannot regularly post photos.  When I have the chance to do so, new photos will appear here.


Beginning Work on Photos

I’ve begun processing digital work from the PhotoBike project.  Working with the photos rekindles the excitement I felt while on the road taking them.  I’ll be posting samples from time to time over the coming weeks, including scanned copies of film once it gets developed.

Kickstarter Backers:  Watch your e-mail for an update regarding how you can select your prints, postcards, and calendar photos.


Click on the photo to go to the gallery.

The 2,000-Mile Mark

UPDATE:  New photo gallery of the past five days.

Two days ago marked the 2,000 mile point of PhotoBike.  The day ended at some hot springs near Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument in New Mexico’s Gila Mountains.  Getting there required crossing the continental divide and a very tall mountain pass later in the day.  Here’s a video of the windy but gorgeous road atop the pass.

The large panniers (bike bags) on the bike catch wind like sails.  Here’s the view from the top of the pass.

This section of New Mexico requires climbing up river valleys and over mountain passes, crossing the continental divide three times in about three days as well as climbing three mountain passes.  The rewards include secluded mountain roads, expansive views, and the occasional mule deer pogoing off into the brush.  These deer don’t run but bounce along through the brush, down mountainsides.

More pictures to come.

New Photos from New Mexico

New gallery of photos from the past several days off the bike here in New Mexico.  Click on the photo to see more.

A mending point

After 5 weeks on the road, I’m taking several days off the bike.  Going off the ACA Southern Tier route to climb into the Guadalupe Mountains, visit Carlsbad Caverns, then struggle into headwinds up the back slope of a mountain range to Cloudcroft, NM, left me weary.  I rolled into Alamogordo after descending 4,000 feet in 16 miles, a quarter mile of it through New Mexico’s only tunnel

After climbing up to Cloudcroft over 110 miles from Artesia, the descent takes 45 minutes.New Mexico’s only tunnel

Upon arriving in Alamogordo, I rode to a bike shop where I replaced the small chainring on the crankset with an even smaller chainring.  I did a lot of walking up climbs into the mountains east of Cloudcroft.  This told me I certainly need lower gearing to climb the many mountain passes in southern Utah.  Much of keeping the wheels turning requires mental tricks; lower gearing provides some delusion fuel.  Oh, those mountains will be easy now!

For now, I’m off the bike and enjoying hiking in New Mexico.  Plan is to resume on Saturday.

I’ve posted a bunch of photos to a new gallery.  Click on the picture below to go there.

Alamogordo sunrise

March 25, 2011

See some pictures from March 25, 2011 in the photo gallery, or click on the picture below.